Getting on some good guestlists in London
Guest List in London

It has to be said that  nightclubs in London have grown to be more exclusive over recent times. It might be a substantial task to even get admittance to some of the really trendy bars and clubs and no-one in the UK wants to brave the elements in the usually quite dismal UK climate . This is why people frequently want to get on the guest list to avoid queuing which is one reason.

The doormen still can be funny sometimes in relation to other things so this doesn’t give automatic entry and club rules still need to be followed. It has been known on many occassions that people who have successfully got themselves and their friends onto the guest list of a London hotspot have still been refused entry due to things like the wrong dress code for example.

This is where Capital A listing come in. They will help both you and your buddies get onto the guest list in London of nearly every major club in London. This can be great when planning a birthday or a special occassion or even just arranging a night out with some old friends.

Through the company you can attend the very best nights out and liveliest gigs in an around town. You can sign up to newsletters, keep in touch through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter etc or even just touch base with some of the hosts who can point you and your friends in the right direction of what is going on and the best nights out suited for you. For larger groups Capital A can also sometimes work out some even better deals and sometimes even some special promotions. If you are a regular clubber then keeping in touch is a must and probably a number you should keep on speed dial to be honest!

Get in touch today for some great offers on the Aura Guestlist that we have available this month!